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Since 2010, I've been working at that sweet spot between minimalism and scalability to develop visual solutions that inform and persuade.
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I pursued a degree in Business Admin with a focus in Marketing. Although I dropped out to start a family fairly early on, I never actually stopped learning. Alongside numerous courses and certifications, the majority of my education has been in real-world experience evolving from a freelance Graphic Designer to a Front-End Web Developer in the digital commerce space.


I was lucky enough to connect with a mentor that had established a business creating websites for other small businesses. I was a fresh college dropout, a new mom, with a background in Graphic Design so I was curious and very interested in the work. I've since been fortunate enough to work with more entrepreneurs and some amazing organizations where I developed my skills as a designer and developer.


I value simple content structure, clean design patterns, and suggestive interactions. I like to code things from scratch and really enjoy bringing ideas to life on the internet. I'm multi-lingual in the world of programming languages specializing in CSS, JS, and PHP. I love designing UX, UI, web, mobile, and apps.